Degrees: Master of Occupational Therapy (Graduate Entry), Bachelor of Health Science (Hons), Bachelor of Social Science

Work History: OTFC

Interests Outside of Work: Sport (especially Golf, soccer, football and cricket), Music, Cooking, and I’ve also been known to do some acting…

Favourite Childhood Memory: Going on our annual family trip to Second Valley, exploring the coast and trying to play Ghostbusters on the Atari!

Favourite Childhood Game: Trouble (mainly because of the Pop-O-Matic)

Favourite Movie: Jurassic Park

Favourite Food: Pasta (any type!)

Dog or Cat person: DOG!

Favourite Colour: Blue

Favourite Sport to Watch: Sport tragic. Will watch most sports

Favourite Superhero: Batman

Favourite Season: Spring

Favourite thing to do in Adelaide: Saturday morning Morialta run

Favourite quote: concentration comes out of a combination of confidence and hunger

Michael graduated from Occupational Therapy form the University of South Australia in 2013, after completing Health Science and Social Science degrees at the University of Adelaide. Michael was fortunate enough to have a range of OT paediatric experiences when studying OT, which provided him a solid grounding for his career.

Having initially pursued a research career in Anatomy, Michael’s part time work in schools led him to consider a career change, as he found working with children an area he was most passionate about. As such, OT provided the perfect opportunity to combine his experience in health and working with children.

Michael has been a part of the OTFC Team since January 2014 and is currently the OTFC Team Leader. He is an integral part of the Clinical Management Team providing insight, care and dedication to the practice.  Michael is a member of the OTFC Assessment Team and is proficient in all the Assessment Tools at OTFC.

He contributes to the OTFC Lecture Series where he provides relevant and recent information on how to navigate the technological world with your child.  He is the OTFC Group Program Innovator setting up and coordinating all group therapy offered at OTFC each term and most recently, along with Ali, started the first LIFE skills Group at OTFC (a group for older children of the practice teaching them life skills). Michael is a wonderful caring Occupational Therapist and human being. We are very lucky to have him choose to spend his time here.


  • Team Leader at OTFC
  • Sensory Integration Certified Therapist
  • A member of the OTFC Assessment Team;
  • Proficient in all Assessment Tools at OTFC
  • Group Program Innovator and Facilitator at OTFC
  • Provides Individual and Group Therapy
  • Team Leader at OTFC+