Degrees: Master of Occupational Therapy (Graduate Entry), Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice

Work History: OTFC, Teaching Assistant at Gymbaroo, ESO in schools, community work in music and creative writing

Interests Outside of Work: Music, sport and family.

Favourite Childhood Memory: Visiting my cousins in the USA and Canada

Favourite Childhood Game: Uno

Favourite Movie: Back To The Future or the original TMNT

Favourite Food: Mangos

Dog or Cat person: Hmmm, undecided, I wouldn’t want a world without both of these glorious creatures

Favourite Colour: Purple

Favourite Sport to Watch: Skateboarding

Favourite Superhero: Batman

Favourite Season: Summer

Favourite thing to do in Adelaide: Snorkelling

Favourite quote:  Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

Kultar graduated his Masters in Occupational Therapy from the University of South Australia in 2014, after completing a Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice at Flinders University.

Having initially pursued a career in the legal profession, Kultar’s part time work as an Education Support Officer and at Gymbaroo led him to a career change, as he found fulfilment in working with children. OT has provided Kultar with the opportunity to implement a range of skills in the paediatric setting. In his spare time, Kultar has facilitated music and writing workshops with youth in his local council area.

Kultar began working at OTFC at the start of 2015 after completing his final placement at the practice. Since that time he has worked with many children and families both one on one and in group settings. In addition to his therapy caseload, he currently co-ordinates the social media marketing activities as well as being the Student Supervisor for all final year OT University Students.

Kultar is an integral part of the OTFC team working as the OTFC Team Leader from Monday-Thursday and we are so lucky to have him on board. His passion for working with children is joyous to be around and his dedication to helping OTFC achieve its goals with relation to the provision of exceptional service delivery and increased brand awareness means more families, health professionals and educators have the opportunity to be educated in the field of Sensory Integration Occupational Therapy at OTFC.

  • OTFC Team Leader
  • Sensory Integration Certified Therapist
  • A member of the OTFC Assessment Team;
  • Proficient in all Assessment Tools at OTFC
  • Social Media Project Lead
  • Provides Individual Therapy