Degrees: Bachelor of Health Science/Master of Occupational Therapy

Work History: Bambi and Co, Burger Foundry, Libertine by Louis, Assured Home Care, and Prime Medical Placements

Interests Outside of Work: Cooking, reading about personal development, and playing guitar

Favourite Childhood Memory: Fishing on an island with my cousins

Favourite Childhood Game: Musical chairs

Favourite Movie: Lord of The Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit

Favourite Food: Crispy skin pork belly…yum!

Favourite Colour: Green & Blue

Favourite Sport to Watch: AFL and volleyball

Favourite Superhero: Son Goku from Dragonball

Favourite Season: Spring

Favourite thing to do in Adelaide: Walk around town with my active noise cancelling headphones.

Favourite quote: “Who you are is defined by what you’re willing to struggle for” – Mark Manson

Alex graduated as an Occupational Therapist from Flinders University in 2017. During his final year of Master studies, he volunteered as one of the student OTs at Camp Evolve. He enjoyed the experience of assisting children to develop their skills and explore different sensory experiences in a social outdoor environment. Alex had previous experience working with children as a support and community worker providing 1:1 support to children with disabilities. Throughout the course of his OT studies, his clinical placements included a rural acute inpatient setting at Whyalla Hospital, a mental health setting at Older Persons Mental Health both in community and inpatient setting, and a clinical placement at Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre in the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Community and Home (BIRCH). Alex’s experience from his clinical placements and participation at Camp Evolve developed his interest in the impacts of brain injury to individuals and how the biopsychosocial factors can be addressed to improve their function and engagement in daily living activities. Along with this interest, as part of university requirements, Alex conducted a project regarding the behavioural management of people with brain injury in an acute care setting. Fortunately, this knowledge and interest gained from all his previous experiences are now going to be utilised and developed in his professional practice at OTFC.