OTFC+ Team


OTFC has been directed by Dino and Michelle Mennillo since 2005 and as of June 2018 they will extend this lead over OTFC+. Dino remains as the Clinical Director across both sites and Michelle has moved into a pure Operations Role. Together with the Clinical Management Team (consisting of Dino, Michelle, Ali, Michael, Kultar and Jo) they lead a talented team of clinicians and support staff to ensure OTFC and OTFC+ adheres to their individual core values

Clinical Team

The clinical team at OTFC and now OTFC+ has been developed and cultured over many years. Whilst Dino remains the clinical director and oversees assessment and treatment of all OTFC children, the evolving structure of OTFC has enabled the team to work collaboratively, dynamically and in doing so has met the challenges of providing a genuine, holistic and high quality service.


OTFC Pty Ltd has invested significantly into acquiring therapists that complement the values of the practice, show initiative and drive to challenge the direction of services offered and have exceptional personal skills to deliver to clients and their families. Tyson, Kultar, Amy, Michael (Sharpy), Veronica, Jasmine, Lauren, Denae, Mickaylah, Alex, Tim, Will and Sue are all exceptional therapist and individuals. Their passion and desire to assist children and families is only matched by the unique set of skills they each bring to both the OTFC brands. Through intensive professional development training internally, complemented by various external opportunities the therapists are able to provide a level of service that ensures consistency in the therapy process at OTFC. Over the last 18 months, this group of amazing therapists together with the management team have established several group programs, developed unique parent and teacher information sessions, contributed and planned the first sensory motor camp in SA, developed specialised programs for selected schools and has committed to providing ongoing field work placement for undergraduate and masters OT students through Uni SA and Flinders Uni.


Dino has worked with children for nearly 20 years, has a background in child and adolescent mental health, and is internationally certified to practice in Ayres Sensory Integration (assessment and treatment). Similarly, Ali (OTFC clinical Manager), Michael (OTFC+ Team Leader), Kultar (OTFC Team Leader)and Tyson have international certification in Ayres Sensory Integration (assessment and treatment).  Whilst Dino no longer provides individual therapy, Ali and Michael continue to provide individual therapy and group sessions in order to maintain clinical skills essential in their development as therapists practicing in Sensory Integration.


Support Team

The support team consists of a wonderful group of individuals who love working with children from an administrative perspective. Their role is to make each families experience at OTFC and OTFC+ as pleasant as possible and be there for you in any way they can with making appointments, funding and support concerns. OTFC+ is motivated to facilitate and empower our staff and the families that access our service to reach their potential because we care about helping others achieve their goals and dreams.