The Process

  1. Referral – young adolescents and adults can refer themselves to OTFC+. Alternatively, a carer, parent(s), health professional (doctor, psychologist, social worker, speech pathologist), educator or specialist (psychiatrist, paediatrician) may also refer on their behalf.


  1. Initial contact can be made through the OTFC / OTFC+ website??  Or by calling 84104522 and OTFC admin staff will support you through the initial process.


  1. Information / appointments – clients and carers can enquire about what services OTFC+ offers and whether this may be suitable to the needs of the client. There is no obligation to make a scheduled appointment and admin staff will be able to provide the required information for you to determine whether the OTFC+ services are appropriate, whether there is need to consult an OTFC+ therapist to obtain further information or whether it is appropriate to make an appointment for an initial consultation.


  1. Initial consultation – due to the diverse nature of OTFC+ services, an initial consultation can be completed during one, two or three sessions depending on the reason for referral and the capabilities of the client. Generally, clients who are able to be formally assessed will complete 2 sessions, whilst clients requiring a semi-formal evaluation may complete only one session. At times, clients will not be able to attend initial appointments and cares may wish to attend this appointment on the client’s behalf to complete a modified assessment to determine what services may be appropriate. The more detailed information that is provided during the initial contact stage will assist OTFC+ staff in determining what initial consultation will be the most beneficial.


  1. Questionnaires / reports / documentation – An integral part of the assessment process involves obtaining a detailed history of the client’s health, development, current strengths and current concerns. The OTFC+ questionnaire is designed for young adolescents and adults. Where required, a carer, parent or health professional might be required to assist in completing the questionnaire or complete the questionnaire on the client’s behalf. In addition, any supporting documentation (previous assessment reports, medical and developmental reports) will assist an OTFC+ therapist prior to an initial consultation in determining what assessment might be appropriate.