Degrees: Bachelor of Applied Science (Medical Radiations, Radiation Therapy), MBA

Work History: Peter MacCulllum Cancer Institute, RAH, ARC, RPA, OTFC

Interests Outside of Work: Helping out at School, Going to the theatre, watching sport, reading, cooking

Favourite Childhood Memory: slip and slide with my friends, spending time with my cousins, going to the beach, dancing and long bike rides

Favourite Childhood Game: Canasta

Favourite Movie: Wonder

Favourite Food: Thai

Dog or Cat person: Dog

Favourite Colour: Navy

Favourite Sport to Watch: Tennis

Favourite Superhero: Spiderman

Favourite Season: Summer

Favourite thing to do in Adelaide: Climb Mt Lofty in Winter and go on bike rides with my family to a picnic spot.

Favourite quote:  “What if I fall? Oh but my darling, What if you Fly? Never stop trying to be the best you can be

Michelle was a registered Radiation Therapist from 1999-2012 before moving across to OTFC officially at that time and is now the Director of HR & Operations. Her professional experience has involved working with people of all ages who require radiation treatment for their cancer diagnosis as well as setting up the business side of OTFC whilst studying for her MBA. Having completed her MBA from the University of SA in 2014 she has focused her interests developing the OTFC brand, as well as being a mother to her amazing but growing children and wife to Dino, (Co-director of OTFC). Michelle’s areas of interests are varied but in relation to OTFC, she wants to see as many families being able to access the amazing and varied services they provide and continue trying to increase the positive outcomes for all children, adolescents and young adults. Her main focus for the past 18 months has been the growth of the OTFC brand to include OTFC+ (an OT Space for adolescents and adults with sensory concerns) in Mile End. This building is due to open June 4th 2018 and it will be the first of its kind worldwide.