Degrees: Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

Work History: Go-Lo, Reject Shop, Sanity, Mid-North Occupational Therapy

Interests Outside of Work: Spending time with friends and family, boxing, video games, watching cartoons, listening to music, playing guitar, cooking and watching AFL

Favourite Childhood Memory: going on holidays with my family, playing Super Nintendo at my Pop and Nan’s, going for a swim in summer, reading my Tintin comics

Favourite Childhood Game: Dodgeball, Spotlight

Favourite Movie: Monsters Inc., The Incredibles

Favourite Food: Mum’s homemade cheesecakes!

Favourite Colour: Purple, Blue

Favourite Sport to Watch: Boxing, AFL

Favourite Superhero: Batman

Favourite Season: Winter

Favourite thing to do in Adelaide: go for a wander through Rundle Mall, have picnics in the hills, eat hot chips at the beach

Favourite quote: She’ll be ‘right

Tim graduated from the University of South Australia as an Occupational Therapist in 2018. Growing up in Port Pirie, Tim decided to pursue OT at the age of 16 having shadowed OTs at the local hospital. Fascinated by the variety of work involved, the busy nature of the job and the opportunity to help people, Tim moved to Adelaide in 2014 to begin his OT studies. Initially interested in a career in mental health, Tim decided that paediatrics was for him after completing his final placement at Mid North Occupational Therapy in Port Pirie. Some of Tim’s favourite parts of working with children have been the unpredictability of sessions, the joy of seeing children overcome challenges and the value in being a role model for young people. Tim has also developed a strong interest in sensory-based theory and approaches which he is keen to learn more about at OTFC. Some of Tim’s other placement experiences include working in the rehabilitation unit at the Whyalla Hospital, running Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) sessions with people experiencing dementia, and carrying out a project in Port Lincoln with West Coast Youth and Community Support (WCYCS) to improve occupational opportunities for young people in the community. In Tim’s spare time he likes to keep busy – usually trying out a new recipe, learning more OT stuff, having a shot at boxing or finding more music to listen to.