Our Services

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OTFC+ enables the integration from clinic service to community based services across all occupations for adolescents and young adults such as work, school, activities of daily living, vocational and social integration for clients not previously been able to make the transition. The therapy looks different at OTFC+ because we have to use different activities and forums to engage our older clients. There will still be the same familiar faces across both OTFC and OTFC+ but now there is a step forward after you leave OTFC with the same people that have been a part of your journey for a long time. And for those clients that have never accessed OTFC services before, come and have a look around – we think you will be impressed with what we have on offer and will welcome you into our family.


At OTFC+, We are here to ENCOURAGE you, CHALLENGE you, initiate CHANGE within you and do it all because we CARE that you live your best life.


Assessments at OTFC+

  1. Goal Directed Assessments
  2. Functional Assessments
  3. ASI Assessments

Treatment/ program options – Based on the initial consultation/ assessment and in collaboration with the client / carer(s) / parent(s), an OTFC+ therapist will determine what services would be best suited to the client in addressing their identified needs and having the potential to meet their goals. The OTFC+ services are dynamic and evolving to suit the needs of our clients and therefore opportunities exist in developing programs, where possible, whilst offering core services. Presently, OTFC+ core services include:

  1. Individual Sensory motor/ sensory modulation therapy sessions – 30-60 min sessions based on the principles of Ayres SI. Clients will be able to access individual therapy rooms if required or the therapy centre where they will be supported by a treating therapist 1:1 to access a range of therapy spaces to address sensory motor deficits as well as supporting sensory regulation.
  2. LIFEskill Group Program
  3. SOCIALskill Program


In the future OTFC+ will provide details of other tailored groups such as OTFC+ Ninja Games, OTFC+ Games Night, Gaming Groups, Cooking Groups, Gardening Groups but for now we are going to continue doing what we know works so well with these age group in our new space.


What makes services at OTFC+ Different

Like we have always done, our approach focuses on occupations and live training of the individual skill sets. We listen, support and act on the needs of our families and OTFC+ is a true testament to these words.